Department of Financial and Economic Law


The goals of the Department are to:

˙Nurture law professionals well versed in humanities, finance, economics and information technology.
˙Nurture financial and banking law professionals well versed in both theory and practice and  be able to meet the developing needs of local enterprises.

Core courses include: 1) law courses, which develop students’ basic knowledge of law and to prepare students for national exams; 2) finance courses, which will prepare students for careers as finance professionals and improve their employment opportunities in related fields; 3) information technology courses, which develop students’ expertise in technology and the law; 4) language and humanities courses, which broaden students’ world view and integrate their knowledge of law and the humanities.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Department of Financial and Economic Law will be well prepared to further their studies, to serve as judges, attorneys or official recorders, or to become finance law specialists.